Dra. Natalia Paladino Partner

Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, University of the Republic, Uruguay (2004). Postgraduate in Intellectual Property. Industrial Property Agent (2005). Member of the AUDAPI (Uruguayan Association of Industrial Property Agents), INTA, ASIPI (Inter American Association of Intellectual Property), AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), ASPI (São Paulo Association of Intellectual Property), ABPI (Brazilian Intellectual Property Association). Alternate National Delegate for Uruguay for the 2021-2023 period of ASIPI (Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property). Member of the ASIPI Pro Bono program. Member of the ASIPI Diversity and Sustainability Committee. She was a speaker in various courses on IP at the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay, in Design Schools and in Shopping Centres in Uruguay. Courses and Seminars: She participated as a speaker in several seminars related to the protection and defense of Intellectual Property, International Seminar “Intellectual Property 2.0: Changes and Applications in the Digital Era”, Cervieri Monsuárez (2016); International Seminar “Intellectual Property 2.0”, Cervieri Monsuárez (2017); International Seminar “Intellectual Property in Modern Times”, Cervieri Monsuárez (2018); International Seminar: “New Challenges”, Cervieri Monsuárez (2019). Languages: Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese.

Area of Practice