Dra. Daiana Pereira Associate

Notary Public, National University of the Republic, Uruguay (2015). Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, School of Law, University of the Republic, Uruguay. Member of the Association of Notaries of Uruguay. Specialization in Anti-Piracy, Signal Piracy and Audiovisual Contents - Intellectual Property. She participated and was a speaker at regional events linked to the new modalities of signal piracy (Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina). Speaker at “CERTAL Conference on Piracy and Intellectual Property”, Chile Media Show 2017. Speaker at “Law & technology Academy Congress” organized by “Red El Derecho Informatico”. Courses and Seminars: “Abbreviated Criminal Procedure”; “Workshop on Customs Law”; “Balance and Challenges of the Adversarial Criminal System in Uruguay. The Role of Operators”; “The Right to Oblivion in Google Times”; “National Telecommunications Conference”; “Crime in the Networks”; “Social Networks and Law 4.0”; “Digital Marketing and Community Mananger”; “Second Legal Conferences – Notarial”; “Cycle of Workshops: Combating the commercialization of counterfeit and trademark crimes”; “XII International Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights and the fight against counterfeiting and smuggling”; “The New Criminal Procedure to Debate Course”. Languages: Spanish and English.

Area of Practice

Assets Protection