Award for Gender Diversity

Being involved in Diversity and Inclusion issues has always been a priority for us. This is achieved by promulgating the importance of respect and contemplating the situation in which all people working at Cervieri Monsuárez may find themselves. Cervieri Monsuárez is one of the few law firms in Latin America with 70% of its staff composed of women, all of whom have a real leadership position within the firm. Because the role of women is of great importance to the firm, all women play relevant roles and hold decision-making positions within the firm. In addition, the firm promotes and allows their work to be adapted to their needs as mothers, wives and partners. Dr. Virginia Cervieri, managing partner of Cervieri Monsuárez, was the winner of the "Lifetime Achievement Award for Gender Diversity" at the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Latin America 2019 Awards. This recognition marked her career and inspired her to continue working adapting a diverse approach, as she has done during the course of her career.