Leticia Callizo Paraguay Office Director

Advanced student of the career of Law at the Catholic University of Asunción, Paraguay. Courses and Seminars: “IV International Seminar on Intellectual Property”, APAPI (Paraguayan Association of Intellectual Property Agents); “V Latin American Arbitration Conference”, University of Buenos Aires; “Course of Regulation of Professional Fees”; “VI International Seminar on Intellectual Property: Literary plagiarism, audiovisual work and trademark registrability”, APAPI; “Trademark Impact Study”, APAPI-ASIPI and AIPPIN; “Artificers of change: women in innovation and creativity”; VIII International Seminar on Intellectual Property: “Fashion and videogames”, APAPI; Participation in the round table organized by APAPI on the Madrid Protocol: “Myths and realities”; “General Course on Intellectual Property”, WIPO; “Work Workshop: Combat the commercialization of counterfeit products and trademark crimes”. Languages: Spanish and English.

Area of Practice

Regulatory Affairs | Assets Protection | Corporate Services