Women of "Minas de Corrales"

Virginia Cervieri had the opportunity to be a mentor in the Sembrando program, which provides opportunities and help to new entrepreneurs who are starting a project or do not have the resources to expand their businesses. The Sembrando program was created by Lorena Ponce de León, the current First Lady of Uruguay, who contacted Virginia Cervieri to mentor entrepreneurs participating in the Sembrando program in 2020. On this occasion, Virginia chose to mentor a group of women entrepreneurs who wanted to create a vegetable garden and improve their gardening skills in order to sell organic vegetables and subsequently make a business out of them. The group of women from "Minas de Corrales", a rural village in the department of Rivera, had several meetings with Virginia and the Cervieri Monsuárez team that helped them organize their work approach as well as create their business plans. In addition, these women also had several meetings with professionals in the area, such as agronomists and soil and plantation specialists, who helped them enrich their knowledge in the field. All this was possible thanks to the solidarity of the people involved in the process; they dedicated their time and energy to help this group of women move forward and, through Virginia's coordination, organized different instances to help the group. On one of the occasions, Virginia contacted the owner of the best hydroponics company in Uruguay, and managed to get him to receive the group of women from "Minas de Corrales" in his facilities and give them a day of learning about his planting system, so that they could replicate it. The activity concluded with a meeting with the First Lady at the Presidential House.